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Travel with me: Sri Lanka

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Recently I got the opportunity to go to Sri Lanka with two of my closest friends for a holiday and it was such a memorable holiday that I really wanted to share some of my favourite memories and the top 5 places we visited whilst we were there.

1. Horizon hill top villa, Unawatuna
The first place on my top 5 is actually the hotel that we stayed at for the week we were there. The hotel itself is fairly small and is situated on the south coast of Sri Lanka in a town called Unawatuna, where it sits on the top of a hill looking out over the sea. The staff were extremely friendly and the hotel was so well kept. We were so lucky and we ended up getting the sea view apartment and the views we had were absolutely incredible and was just the right amount of space for the 3 of us. The cost of the hotel was very reasonable and activities were planned everyday for us when we told them what we wanted to see.

2.  Jungle beach
Out of all the beaches we went to this was by far our favorite so we ended up visiting many times and it was very close to where we were staying. It was quite a small private beach and required you to walk through the jungle to get to it which added to the excitement. The sea was lovely and not too rough and the beach itself was amazing. We visited one side of jungle beach which was right by the Japanese peace pagoda and was slightly smaller than the second and more private. The second place was the other side further along from the peace pagoda and also had a small cafĂ© which sold cocktails and snacks which was perfect for us being their all day.

3. Yala National park
Yala national park was by far my favorite place that we visited whilst we were in Sri Lanka. The national park itself was not in Unawatuna so we did have to travel 3 hours from the hotel to get to it but it was definitely worth the long journey. Me and my friends had made a list of places and things we wanted to see whilst we were in Sri Lanka and at the top of my list was so to see an elephant but not in a sanctuary or zoo and this is where I finally got to see what I wanted. We seen so many animals and the safari itself was a good length of time and we were so blessed to have such lovely weather and lovely people showing us around.

4. Koggala
Next on my list is Koggala which is a small coastal town in the Galle district not far from Unawatuna. We spent the day driving around Koggala in a tuk tuk and did a number of activities including a lake safari, visiting Buddhist temples and going to the turtle sanctuary. The lake safari was amazing and the views were incredible, we went to 3 different islands where Buddhists lived and also where cinnamon was made by some local residents. We also got to visit Koggala beach which again was beautiful but the water was rough and we weren't able to actually go into the sea.

5. Galle fort
Last but not least is Galle a historic site in the southern region, this place really gave us a feel for what Sri Lanka is like and what it was also like in the past. The area has been adapted to attract tourists by adding souvenir shops and activities such as getting your photo taken whilst holding a monkey but I liked how it still had a traditional feel. It was lovely to have a walk around and there were some perfect spots for photos to be taken and to admire the views.

Overall my trip to Sri Lanka was absolutely incredible and nothing like any place I have been before. We went at the end of June which for the south region is supposedly monsoon season however we didn't have any problems with the rain and when it did rain it would only last about 20 minutes and was often in the evening. Sri Lanka would be perfect for a family vacation, a honeymoon or like us a trip with friends. I have made some very special memories In this place and I really hope to go back some day. Thank you Sri Lanka!

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