Saturday, 12 November 2016

October Favourites

Hello Everyone, I hope you are well!
I always seem to be starting these blogpost with an apology for not posting in so long but yet again I'm in that situation haha. It's been a while and i've been doing a lot these past few months but i just noticed i have hit 5000 views on my blog which is amazing. I remember writing about reaching 2000 views this time last year and i never thought i would reach 5000 so thank you so much for reading my blog i really appreciate it. Now i've got all that out the way i can actually start the October favourites, so this month i haven't really changed my routine up much but i do have a couple of products and bit&bobs i want to share with you.

The first products i have been loving are make up products and these are benefit hoola bronzer, mac velvet teddy and revlon lipgloss in 002 crystal lilac. I have used benefits hoola bronzer for so long but just recently i went away for the weekend and i forgot to bring eyeshadow so i tried using the bronzer as one. It turned out so well and its been my go to look ever since, i simply just blend it into my crease and my lower lash line and it makes my eyes pop. Velvet teddy and the revlon lipgloss has been a lip combination i have been loving, i apply a lipliner then velvet teddy all over my lips then the lipgloss just on the middle of my top and lower lip. This makes my lips appear more plump and is a simple colour for everyday wear

The skincare I've been loving is the Nivea care and coconut body wash, i absolutely love the smell of coconut as the body was is so fresh and makes my skin feel so smooth after using it. I've also been loving another Nivea product and that is the Nivea fresh natural deodorant, this is perfect for me because sometimes my skin can react to heavily perfumed products but this one smells very fresh and feels soothing on the skin rather than irritating it. It lasts all day and i definitely recommend using a deodorant rather than a anti-perspirant. The final skincare product is the Garnier pure active face wash, I've had some pretty bad breakouts the last few weeks and this face wash has helped control them. It has small bits in to act as a scrub and i like to use it once a week as a face mask to really unclog my pores after a week of wearing makeup.

This month i haven't watched a tonne of TV but i have been loving idiot abroad on Netflix, its about a guy who goes around the world and checks out all the wonders of the world and attractions, its so funny and i have managed to watch every episode in about 2 weeks. For music i've been listening to a lot of Beyonce again because lets be honest she is incredibly talented. I also have been enjoying starboy by the weeknd and most chainsmokers songs. One of my favourite songs this month though has to be James Arthurs say you won't let go, Its such a beautiful song and i love singing along to it whilst get ready in the morning.

I haven't been reading many new blogs this month because i have been so busy and not had the time to sit down and have a look but one thing i have been loving is couple/family vlogging channels. I don't know whether its just because I'm nosey but i love the concept of people sharing their daily lives. The few i have been watching are Sierra&Alex, Jess&Gabriel and RomanAtwoodVlogs.

Sierra and alex:
Jess and gabriel:

So thats everything I've been loving this month, thanks you again for 5000 views on the blog. I hope you all have a wonderful November and i can't believe how fast christmas has come around so expect some christmas related blogposts very soon!

Thank you so much for reading
Lots of Love

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