Friday, 30 January 2015

Mac Eyeliner: Prunella

This weeks Favourite 3

After a busy few months, I'm finally back to blogging and i have really missed it. Back in summer i decided to do small post each week on my favourite product of that week and that is what I'm going to do in this post. This weeks favourite is Mac eyeliner in Prunella.

I went into mac recently and asked one of the lady's which eyeliner she thought would be good for green eyes. She told me purple really made green eyes stand out and that was what i needed to look for. This eyeliner is perfect for that, its a very deep plum with slight purple glitters in but is still very subtle. Its smooth to apply and really helps bring out the green in my eyes without a very bold colour. 
I like to apply it to my lower lash line for a more natural look and then smudged on my upper lash line and lashes to create a more smokey put together look. Its extremely pigmented and only a small amount is needed, its very versatile and goes with pretty much any coloured eye shadow. My favourite makeup to go with this a goldy brown eye shadow and a nude lip, it seems to give my eyes a bit more definition. 

The one thing that i wasn't to impressed with this was its lasting power, i can only go a few hours before it starts to come off however it doesn't smudge under my eyes so its not a major issue, it also isn't waterproof so i wouldn't expect it to last all day. I have worn this everyday since i bought it and i don't think i will use another colour for a long time.

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