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February Favourites

Hello everyone, hope you are well!
I can't believe its the end of February already. Today i decided to share my favourites of this month with you because i wouldn't be a blogger if i never! I've been super busy with school this month so i haven't tried many new things out but i do have a few beauty and skincare products i've been loving along with some music and tv favourites.

My first two products are makeup items and the two i have been using everyday are Benefit's roller lash and MAC's fix+. Benefits roller lash has been a favourite of mine since it came out, i love how much it extends my lashes and i've never needed eyelash curlers with this product. It has a plastic brush with small bristles and this really helps get into the corners of your eyes and cover all your eyelashes in mascara. MAC's fix+ is my other makeup favourite and its a fairly new one. i like to wear this before putting on my makeup like a primer to keep my makeup up on throughout the day. This products works really well and i have noticed that my makeup stays on a lot longer now and i haven't suffered any breakout with this like i usually do with primers.

For skincare i have really been liking the Garnier micellar water, i know this product is very popular with a lot of people and i find myself repurchasing this all the time. It's great at taking all your makeup off especially mascara and it doesn't leave my skin feeling irritated like makeup wipes do. I like how its very easy to apply and for days when i'm not feeling up to doing a whole skincare routine it still removes all my makeup and cleanses my skin well.
The last beauty product i have to share is the unique one hair product in coconut. This is a 10 in 1 hair product which works as detangling spray, heat protectant and all round hair treatment. I like to use this product on wet hair to help brush it and it works so well at making my hair soft and shiny as well as protecting it from any heat i may use to style it. I pay £10 for this at my local hair supply store and i wouldn't use any other product anymore because this does every job in one.

I've been loving load of music this month but the ones i have listened to non stop have been Adele and Shawn Mendes. I have loved Adele's music for years now but just recently i have been playing her songs over and over again, my favourite is probably 'When we were young' because i find it quite relaxing and just a good song to sing in the shower. Shawn Mendes is the other artist i have been really enjoying this month, i started to listen to him a while ago but its been in the last few weeks that i have really realised how much i love his music. I love the album handwritten and its definitely my go to get ready album however my favourite song is not on the album and its called 'I know what you did last summer' with Camila Cabello from fifth harmony. This is song is so catchy and such a good song to sing to, its been on repeat since i bought it and it probably will be for the next few months too.

Like most girls pretty little liars has been a favourite this month, as most of you probably know PLL just started again and been so good and yet again i'm hooked. After finishing most of my other series i decided to look for another one and i started watching Grey's Anatomy, i cant believe i never started this sooner because it is probably one of my favourite series i've ever watched although it does make me cry most episodes. I recommend both these shows if you are looking for a new series to watch because they both have many seasons so will take a while to get through.

You tubers/bloggers
The first youtuber i have been watching a lot this month is Sofia Karlberg, she posts covers and i think her voice is incredible! I loved her 'crazy in love' and 'Take me to church' covers and i have listened to them so much. My next youtube favourite is a friend of mine Eve she just started youtube but her videos are already so good, she is so bubbly and friendly and her videos are so nice to watch so please go check her out. Her channel is called Evangelinee and she deserves so many subscribers, i will leave all the links below for you. Finally a blog i have been reading a lot is 'Dizzybrunette3' her blog is absolutely beautiful and i love the pictures she takes.

Sofia Karlberg:

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