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Revlon Colourburst Lipgloss Review

Revlon Colour Lipgloss Review

I'm really sorry i haven't posted recently i have been extremely busy with revision and moving house so i didn't have much time to actually sit down and write one. I have quite a few coming up though so i should be back posting every week. Hope you enjoy reading my first review.

I recently went on holiday to Dubai and whilst i was there i went shopping and bought a few Revlon lip gloss's i first picked up the strawberry shade and whilst i was looking at all the other shades i spotted a plumy coloured one called bourdeaux , i have wanted a plum lipstick for a while now and i didn't know if the colour would suit me so i thought if i get a lipgloss it wouldn't be as bright and if i the colour didn't suit  me i could blend it a bit and make it work and i wouldn't waste money on buying a lipstick. I tried them both as soon as i got back to the hotel and i fell in love with them so of course as soon as i got home i picked up another 4 from amazon(a lot cheaper on amazon).

The 6 shades i own are 006 Strawberry002 Crystal lilac060 Adorned004 Pink ice, 016 bordeaux020 Papaya They are a variety of shades and they are all extremely pigmented. The colour in the tube is definitely the colour that would come off onto your lips and they last a very long time, they are quite moisturising and leave your lips feeling hydrated throughout the day and don't smudge at all. They all contain a bit of shimmer which gives your lips a really nice shine and they aren't that sticky, i still wouldn't recommend wearing them on a really windy day but apart from that i don't have any problems with them. My favourites would have to be Bordeaux and strawberry because the colour payoff is fantastic and i love wearing them on a daily basis. I have to say though pink ice would be the perfect school lipgloss because it hasn't really got any colour to it and leaves a nice shine.

Overall i would say that if you are looking for something that is as bright as a lipstick but more shimmery and moisturising i would recommend these so much. i will definitely be purchasing more of these in the future and i cant wait to wear them more in the summer.

Thank you for reading
lots of love

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