Sunday, 23 March 2014

Mini Room Haul

Mini Room Haul

This isn't the sort of post i thought i would be doing on my blog but next weekend i'm moving house and i wanted to show you a few bits i got this weekend for my new room. All the stuff i bought are from somewhere called Dunelm mills which sells furniture for the house in the UK, it sells really cute vintage stuff and that's what my room theme is so couldn't resist buying a few things.

The first thing i bought was a small clock to go on my bedside table, i normally have a bigger one to go on my wall but it clicked very loud and i found it hard to sleep so i thought a smaller one would be more practical and cute. I bought it for £4.99 which i think is really good for the quality of the clock.

I also bought two cute jars with small writing on the side and a metal lid. I wanted these because i am allergic to chocolate and i love eating sweets as an alternative(not good). I thought i could put my favorite sweets in them and put them on my dressing table for friends when they sleepover or me when i need a quick sugar fix. They were £5.99 for the small or £6.99 for the large, i bought the small because the large seemed a bit too big for my dressing table.

The next thing i purchased was a larger plain jar for £1.99. This one is a lot bigger than the other two and i'm hoping to fill this one with lip balms so i can see them easier. This one is very plain with a little red band going around the top but i still think it will look cute when its filled. I couldn't find these online but you can buy them pretty much anywhere.

Whilst i was in the kitchen area i seen this jar that holds tea bags and thought it was really cute. As i said before i cant eat chocolate because i'm allergic to caffeine which also means i cant have normal tea so i have decaff tea bags. I will be living with 4 other people so i don't want anyone using my tea bags haha so i bought my own. It was £5.99 and it has a heart handle and it's just generally really cute.

We then went into the bedroom section and found this small pillow. It has black writing and faint butterflies, bird cages and flowers on it. It goes very nicely with the colours in my room and i thought it would look very cute on my bed. It was £9.99 which is a bit more pricey but definitely worth it.

The next thing i purchased in the room section was this canvas. Its a bit brighter than all my other furniture but i couldn't resist buying it. It is a picture of the Eiffel tower with pretty colours behind it with little hearts everywhere. It is fairly big and for £6.99 i thought it was beautiful. I couldnt find the link online but there was another one i thought was really nice so i will link that one.

The last piece i got was this cute pink and cream cake stand, i bought this to put all my bath bombs on or possibly jewelry. It was £11.99 which is extremely expensive for what it is and there was cheaper ones but it was so pretty i couldn't leave it and of course it went with my decor.

When it came to pay there was iPad cases on sale and i couldn't resist. I travel quite a bit and i don't actually have a case for my iPad so it was probably a good idea to buy one. I have been really interested in Paris lately so of course i got the Paris one he he. Its very sturdy and can also be made into a stand so it would be great on the plane. They don't actually sell it online but i think it was around £7 pound which i think is quite good for a iPad case

I also purchased a camera whilst i was out so i hope the pictures are bit better quality now its the canon powershot SX170 and so far i am really happy with it. I hope you enjoy reading this and check out all the things i bought.

Thank you for reading
Lots of Love


Thursday, 13 March 2014

Drugstore Beauty Haul

Drugstore Beauty Haul

Over the last few weeks i have brought quite a lot of makeup from boots/superdrug, Some of the makeup is stuff i needed and others i just couldn't resist getting. Most of the makeup i got was on offer so might not be the same price now so i will leave links to where i bought them from.

The first things i bought where mascaras, the ones i picked up were the Maybelline miss manga, the Maybelline rocket volume and the Revlon lash potion. I recently ran out of my favourite mascara and i really wanted to try some different ones to see if they were any better, i had heard really good things about all these mascaras and thought i would give them a try. So far i have only used the revlon lash potion and im extremely impressed, it made my lashes look super long and added volume without making them look very clumpy.

Maybelline Miss Manga Mascara~

Maybelline Rocket Volume Mascara~

Revlon Lash Potion Mascara~

I then Bought the Rimmel baby skin primer. I needed a new primer and this was very new when i seen it and i thought i would give it a quick go because i had never used a drugstore primer before. I haven't used it enough yet to see a difference but when i have used it i haven't found any faults with it except it sometimes makes my foundation a bit more shiny.

Rimmel Baby Skin Primer~

When i was buying the mascaras on the internet i seen revlon had some lip products that i had never see before on offer and i couldn't resist having a look. I got the Revlon ColourBurst Matte Balm in striking and the Revlon ColourBurst Lacquer Balm in Coquette. They are both very pretty colours and im really looking forward to trying them.

Revlon ColourBurst Matte Balm~

Revlon ColourBurst Lacquer Balm~

My next purchase were the MUA lip/eye pencils. I was trying to be more adventurous with my eye makeup colours so i thought i would buy some bright coloured eye pencils and the £1 MUA pencils should be great for experimenting with. I ended up buying 6 eye pencils and 4 lip pencils in all different colours, i swatched them in the shop and they have a very soft, creamy formula and i cant wait to see what makeup looks i can do with them.

MUA eyeliners~

MUA lipliners~

When i bought the eyeliners i also realised i didnt own any brightly coloured eyeshadows so i thought i would treat myself to another sleek palette. I picked up the Sleek Original palette which contains a few bright colours and some more natural colours. There are 11 shimmery shadows and 1 matte black shadow. I am looking forward to see what these colours look like.

Sleek Original Palette~

The last purchase i made was the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in shade 51. This is a very popular foundation but i was always unsure whether to buy it or not because i didn't know what my shade was and i didn't want to waste money on something i couldn't use. When i popped into my local chemist to pick up a prescription i seen it was £3 off so thought it was a perfect time to try it. Unfortunately i couldnt find a link to whereabouts i got it on offer but if your in the UK it was a boots pharamcy.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation~

I am looking forward to trying out all these products.
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lots of love


Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Favourite Drugstore Makeup

Favourite Drugstore Makeup

My favourite drugstore foundation has to be the loreal true match. This foundation retails for £9.99 and can be purchased from most drugstores like boots or superdrug (UK). The foundation comes in 22 shades which includes all types of undertones from cool too warm so it is great for everyone. It is super blendable and makes the skin look flawless with only a small amount.

For my powder i always use the rimmel stay matte powder in transparent. It retails for £3.99 and lasts for a very long time so is brilliant for the price.

My favourite concealer will not come as a surprise but it is the collection lasting perfection. This is so popular and I can see why. It comes in 4 shades and retails for £4.19. The coverage is great and on a good skin day I will wear on it own and it covers any blemishes or redness I have. The writing on the packaging comes off very easily but that is my only fault with it.

My favourite Blusher is the £1 MUA mosaic blush. It is made up of a lot of pretty shimmery colours in a mosaic style. I like to swirl my brush in all the colours and gently dab it on the apples of my cheeks and it gives them a pretty pop of colour. It is a very subtle blush so could be worn at school and it makes a perfect colour for spring/ summer.

With the amount of good drugstore mascaras out there i couldn't just pick one so my two favourites are the maybelline the falsies and the revlon last potion. They both make my lashes super long and give them lots of volume. The revlon lash potion retails for £9.99 and the falsies £7.99 both mascaras are worth every penny and i would definitely purchase them again. The down side is the maybelline the falsies can dry out very easily if your not careful.

Eyeshadows palette:
My favourite eyeshadow palette has to be the sleek storm palette because the pigmentation in the 12 eyeshadows is outstanding, i would even go as far as saying they are better than some high end eyeshadows. The palette retails for £7.99 and is a total bargain for the quality. The palette contains 3 matte shadows and 9 shimmery shadows. It contains a range of colours so it is great to create lots of different looks from a pretty champagne eye to a dark smokey eye.

For lipstick it has to be the rimmel kate moss range, especially shade 01 and 07. Both are extremely different colours but have such an amazing formula. They both have a creamy texture and don't dry your lips out, they stay on for a very long time and are only £5.49.

Lip balm/ gloss:
The baby lips have to be my favourite lip balm because all 6 of them are different and for £2.99 they are a bargain. 3 of them are tinted (cherry me, pink punch, peach kiss) and the other 3 are sheer (hydrate, intense care, mint fresh). The 3 tinted one all leave a slight colour to your lips but make them feel soft and are suitable for school or work, the other 3 are very moisturising and are great for dry, chapped lips.

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lots of love



Friday, 7 March 2014

School Makeup Bag

My School Makeup Bag

Waking up early every morning for school is probably a struggle for most people so its normal when you find yourself rushing around trying to get ready, putting on makeup and doing your hair. Like most people i don't like wearing too much makeup to school because i like to give my skin a rest during the week but i do have a few essentials i take with me everyday. School is also a reason i cant wear a lot of makeup because only natural makeup is allowed but it is okay to wear some mascara and lip balm. I am going to show you what i take with me to school everyday in my makeup bag.

The first and most important thing is lip balm, i suffer with very dry lips and i cant live without a lip balm. Being at school for six hours walking from lesson to lesson and talking a lot always makes my lips feel a lot worse. The lip balms i recommend for people with dry lips is the body shop natural lip roll on and the baby lips hydrate. Both of these lipbalms are really hydrating and are not sticky so there are no worries about your hair sticking to your lips on a windy day. They both last a long time and keep your lips feeling smooth all day and are both under £5.

Another thing i also make sure i have is concealer. The makeup i put on in the morning never seems to lasts a full day at school so i also make sure i have my favorite concealer and brush on me to do any quick touch ups to my blemishes or dark circles. The concealer i use and have been for over a year now is the collection lasting perfection in shade 1, this concealer is extremely popular in the makeup world because of how good it is for the price. It retails for £4.19 and is definitely worth every penny. The coverage is brilliant and lasts a long time once applied, i suffer with dark circles and this covers them perfectly. I use the real techniques expert face brush to apply this because i find it blends it into my skin really well.

Powder is also a good thing to carry around with at school. My face can become very oily at school so every so often i dust a bit of the Rimmel stay matte powder on my chin and T-zone to stop my face looking shiny and feeling greasy. The rimmel stay matte powder is also very cheap at £3.99 and is very good just to carry around with you when you need it.

The next one is optional but sometimes i take a mascara with me if i think i may need to redo or touch it up at school. Its not very often i do take it to school because normally my mascara lasts all day but if i dont have enough time in the morning to put some on i will take it with me so i can do it before school starts or at breaktime. My two favourite mascaras at the moment are the revlon lash potion and the waterproof colossal volume express by maybelline.

My last piece of makeup i take to school is a lipgloss or linted lipbalm. Some days when i feel a bit down and i don't feel too well i will put a bit of tinted lip balm on to brighten up my face and make me feel a bit better. The ones i have been wearing lately are the maybelline baby lips in 'pink punch' or the chanel lipgloss in 'rose savage'. Both or very pretty and add a subtle pinky colour to your lips, of course one is a lot cheaper and more practical for school but the Chanel lip gloss is great for weekends and great if you want to add a bit of sparkle to your lips.

I put these in a small makeup bag for school and its easy to put in my bag and doesn't take up a lot of room. Those are just a few things i take to school most days and what i like to wear at the moment and i hope this helps.

Thank you for reading
Lots of Love


Monday, 3 March 2014

Mini Lush Haul

Mini Lush Haul

Last weekend i went into my local town to get a few essentials and whilst i was there i thought i would quickly pop into lush to have a look because it had been a while since i had bought anything from there. If there isn't a lush where you live it is basically a shop that sells handmade cosmetics like bath bombs, perfume and soap. The smell in the shop is incredible and makes you want to buy everything. The people who work there are always cheerful and do demonstrations on anything you ask to see, they give very truthful opinions and will tell you what products they like and others they wouldn't recommend for you as a person. I only went in to have a look and maybe get one but i ended up buying 4 of there popular bath bombs. The ones i got were Ickle baby bot, space girl, fizzbanger and dragons egg. Each one has a different scent and contains different things inside.

The first one i picked up was the ickle baby bot, these are very cute and extremely cheap. They are designed for children and baby's skin just before bedtime. The reason i got this is because it gives the bath a lovely smell and leaves you skin feeling super smooth and sometimes i dont feel like a strong smelling bath or lots of bubbles and fizz. It is a blue bath bomb which is in the shape of a robot so it is really fun for children and for only £1.95 its a bargain.

The second one i noticed was the space girl, this is also a very cheap one at £2.25. This is a purple planet shaped bath bomb with red glitter sprinkle on top of it. This is a new one to me and i have never tried it before so im excited to see what its like in the bath. I have heard it contains popping candy which makes baths a bit more exciting. The reason i brought this bath bomb was its smell, it has a very sweet fruity flavour and reminds me of parma violet sweets, i think this would smell lovely in the bath and make me feel very relaxed.

The third one i bought was the fizzbanger, i didnt know about this one until that day and at first i was reluctant to buy it because it was a little pricier than the others at £3.25 and i didn't want to buy something i didn't know whether i would like. When i first picked it up the first thing i noticed was the smell, it smelt of cinnamon and instantly made me want to buy it, i wanted to be sure i would like it so i asked one of the people working there if she wouldn't mind doing a demonstration for me. It has a yellow outer shell and inside is blue so turns the bath a pretty green colour. This one also contains popping candy and makes quite a few bubbles. It was really fun to watch and i cant wait to use this one in the bath.

The last one i picked up was one of my favourites Dragons egg. It is also £3.25 and is a very big bath bomb, this one also contains popping candy and inside the white shell is golden glitter which turns the bath a gorgeous golden colour. The smell reminds me of sherbet like love heart sweets and lemon and it leaves the skin feeling very soft. Its really exciting to watch this bomb fizzing in the bath and all the gold inside spilling out. 

I am really happy with the ones i purchased and i think they are definitely worth the money. Im looking forward to using these in the baths and see what they are like. Lush is one of my favorite places to get bath and shower stuff for a pampering every so often and its so hard to go into the shop and not buy something.

Thank you for reading
Lots of Love 


Sunday, 2 March 2014

Starter set

Real Techniques Brush set

A couple of weeks ago i bought the starter set from real Techniques and i have been using it ever since so thought i would do a quick review and show you what i think of them and how i use them.

This is the starter set which includes all the essentials for your eyes. The set contains 5 different brushes; base shadow brush, deluxe crease brush, accent brush, pixel point eyeliner brush and the brow brush. All the brushes came in a black case that have sections for each brush and it can also convert into a stand. every brush is super soft and very gently on and around the eyes.

 Base shadow brush: This brush does what the name say's it is used to apply the base shadow colour to the eyelid, its great for applying powdered eye shadow and cream based shadows. No hairs come off on your eyes and its very easy to blend the colour on the eyelid.

Deluxe crease brush: Again this brush does what the name say's, i use to brush to blend a darker colour into my crease to create a simple smokey eye. This brush also makes it really easy to blend eye shadows and doesn't irritate the eyes or around the eyes.

Accent brush: This brush is really good for detailing where needed, i use this brush to add colour to my lower lash line ready to be smudged out and i also use it to add a dark colour to my upper lash line like a eyeliner. It can also be used to add a highlight colour to the inner corners of the eye and anywhere else needed.

Pixel point eyeliner: This brush is my least used brush of the set i have never used it for eyeliner because it is too big for my eyes but sometimes i use it to add the colour in the crease and then blend it out with the deluxe crease brush. This one is also really soft and delicate on the eyes.

Brow brush: This is the last brush in the set and this is used to fill in your brows. i never really use this brush because i find it to big for my eyebrows. I hardly ever fill in my eyebrows but when i do i like to use a small brush so its more precise for me because im not very good, so i find this brush makes my eyebrows look very thick and they never look right. This brush might be better with people who have experience or have bigger, thicker eyebrows to me.

Overall i really like the set because you get everything needed to make a nice look on you eyes. Its is also great to have it all in the same place and its great for travelling because the case is sturdy but not to bulky. Every brush is soft and are great for beginners, I think the price is very reasonable for the quality of the brushes and easy to get hold of. Certain brushes i like more than others but i still use every single one even if its not for what its supposed to be used for.

i am really sorry about some of the picture qualities but the lighting in my house is awful and i had to use my phone because my camera is broken and in repair at the moment.

Thank you for reading
lots of love
Lydia <3
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