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18 things I want to achieve whilst I'm 18

Hello everyone, I hope you're all well,
So recently it was my birthday and I turned 18 so I thought why not make a blogpost based around being the big '18'. I was always so excited about turning 18 and becoming an adult because I couldn't wait for the independence and also being exposed to many more opportunities that will help me later on in the future. For a person who still struggles to tell a doctor what is wrong with them without the comfort of their mum it is a also a scary thought for me because I now have to make some big decisions for myself and these decisions are ones that will decide how my future pans out.

I decided to do a post today on 18 things I want to achieve whilst I'm 18 because this year I really want to focus on trying new things and also making my dreams a reality. Every year I make a list of goals I want to achieve and add to my bucket list, this bucket list however has been pretty neglected over the last couple of years and I think this year is the year to get some of them ticked off. Some of these may be very simple but they mean a lot to me and some are very adventurous so it might take some time to face my fears and actually go through with them but I'm very excited to get started on achieving these goals.

1. Learn to drive
As soon as I turned 17 I was desperate to drive but with moving to Dubai I had to postpone that until I moved back to the UK and I'm moving back this year so its the perfect time to start my lessons.

2. Get a full time job
I have decided to take a gap year before starting university so to fund this gap year I'm going to need a job. I really want to be able to get a full time job that excites me to wake up in the morning. I know your first job is not necessary the most exciting thing but i want to be able to feel positive in some way about going each day.

3. Spend more time with family
I really want to try and spend some quality time with my family this year as I haven't got to spend a lot of time with them all over the last 2 years because I've been in Dubai so before I go off to uni I want to spend more time going out with them on little adventures and getaways.

4. Visit Europe
Even though I'm from the UK I haven't really experienced many places in Europe so this year I am going to make a solid effort to visit new countries around Europe especially with friends.

5. Sky dive
I have wanted to sky dive for so long now and now I'm finally able to I'm definitely going to try and do it this year.

6. Meet someone new
I want to meet someone new and have that person stay as part of my life as meeting new people is always so refreshing.

7. Be more positive
I have always tried to be a very positive person but sometimes I have found myself seeing the worst in a situation. I want to be able to see good in situations and understand that everything does happen for a reason.

8. Volunteer in some way
I have always been very blessed and have lived the best possible childhood thanks to the amazing support from my family and friends. Some people haven't been as lucky as I have so I really want to help at least one person to experience something I was fortunate to have.

9. Fly a plane again
If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know that I have had a flying lesson before and  I would love to get my private pilots license in the future so this year I want to take another lesson and get back into flying.

10. Some kind of walk or run for charity

11. Give back to someone who has given something to me

12. Get into my top university choice
As i said before I am having a gap year after I finish my A-levels this year so I really want to get into my top university choice.

13. Get back into dancing
Dancing has been a huge part of my life over the years and after taking a year out I'm really exciting to be back dancing.

14. Get back into photography
I am going to wipe the dust off my big camera and get back into photography properly.

15. Go horse riding along the beach
I have always loved horse riding and I really want to go on a ride along the beach.

16. Be more confident
This year I really want to focus on making the most out of opportunities and not be scared of saying yes to certain ones. I want to become more confident in myself and believe that I can achieve anything that I put my mind too.

17. Take a course in something that has the potential to help my future.

18. Have my blog give me at least one major opportunity that I wouldn't have gotten without it.
Starting this blog was so nerve wracking for me but since doing so I have received such positive feedback and Ive been given opportunities that I have loved so I would love that to continue this year.

Thank you for reading
Lots of Love

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