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First Impressions-Cult beauty haul

Hello everyone, I hope you're well.
A few weeks ago my mum asked me if I would do her makeup for her on her wedding day and obviously I was so excited and agreed. Now my mum is not one for large amounts of makeup and her collection is fairly small so we both decided we were in desperate need of some new products and what better time to do some makeup shopping than just before the wedding, not that I need any kind of excuse to spend money on makeup. I had never used Cult beauty before to buy makeup products because I usually like going into the shop and trying out the products first before purchasing but some of the products I wanted I couldn't get In a physical store so a website was the next best option.

I tried keeping the intro short and sweet but me being me I couldn't so lastly I just want to say my products came so quickly and were wrapped and arrived in excellent condition so I really couldn't fault Cult beauty at all and would recommend using their site to anyone especially as it was so convenient as they sell a large number of brands. As soon as it arrived of course I wanted to dive straight in and try out the products because lets be honest what girl doesn't LOVE new makeup! I wrote down exactly what I thought about the products on my first try so I thought why not write a blogpost on my first impressions so here it is.

Beauty blender
After a lot of thought and adding then removing this product from my basket I finally gave in and just purchased it. I have always been a brush kind of girl ever since I started wearing makeup and the thought of using a sponge to apply my makeup just didn't feel right but a couple of weeks ago I met a girl who had the most flawless makeup on and I asked her how she got it like that and she simply just said 'you need a beauty blender'. After that day the decision was made, I needed to see what this 'magical' sponge could do to my makeup and why it was so hyped up. When I first used it I dampened it just like I had seen every beauty blogger/influencer do and begun to tap my foundation into my skin. This way of applying was very strange to me and it took me a lot longer to apply my foundation than usual but I could already see how smooth and flawless my skin was beginning to look with this product. It spread the product very evenly across my face and actually felt very therapeutic.

Violet Voss holy grail palette
Unless you have been living under a rock then you've probably heard every blogger/YouTuber using and raving about this product and that is exactly what made me purchase it. This palette retails for £43 which is quite pricey but when it arrived I instantly fell in love and it was so worth the extra splurge. The palette was much bigger than what I expected so you get a lot of product for the price, I also love that you get a huge mirror with it making it great to travel with. Now onto the actual eyeshadows, for the past few years I have been using MAC eyeshadows but in the last few months I treated myself to the Anastasia Beverley Hills modern renaissance palette. Since then I have fallen in love with that brand and now I barely reach for my MAC ones so this palette had a lot of living up to do. After watching a number of tutorials I decided to try them out, the eyeshadows are super pigmented and so smooth to apply, even the shimmer ones. They are very easy to blend and I found the colours all merged perfectly together which was perfect for someone who isn't as experienced as the 'beauty gurus' around. All the colours are true to what you seen in the pans and the staying power was great, I applied them without using a primer the first time and I honestly didn't see a difference compared to when I did use a primer.

Stila Magnificent metals glitter and glow liquid eye shadow in Kitten Karma
This product was the one I was the most excited about after seeing so many people using it. I am a glitter lover and I definitely use any excuse to have a glittery eye so this product was a necessity for my collection. Most glitter's are usually hard to apply and require glue or some kind of wax to give the proper pay off, this product on the other hand required no glue and what you see in the bottle is exactly what appears on your eyelids. The product is not at all sticky and doesn't feel heavy on the eyes like some do so straight away I was amazed. It is a beautiful champagne colour and so far has gone with every eyeshadow colour I have used with it, I like to put it all over the lid and have a eyeshadow in the crease or I apply it just to the inner part of my lid and blend it out to give a slight gradient effect. The consistency is of course a liquid but it's not to runny however you do have to be careful when applying it because it take a few seconds to dry and if not dried properly it can transfer onto the top of the eyelid which isn't quite as pretty. The staying power of this product is incredible, both times I've worn it I have had it on all day and even at the end of the day it looks perfectly applied so this glitter has definitely changed the makeup game and I can see myself using this most days!

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