Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Project life

Hello everyone, I hope you are all well!

Today's post is very exciting for me and i've been wanting to share it with you all for so long but i had to wait for the products to arrive. A few weeks ago i found out about something called 'Project Life' which is basically scrapbooking made easy which you can do after an event, every week or every month depending on what appeals to you.

You are probably wondering what this is then and what it looks like, well its very simple but such a beautiful idea to keep memories and get photos off your phone and printed out in front of you. Its simply a photo album which you put plastic inserts in and small cards of different sizes and designs. You can put anything in the sleeves like photos, memorable items and of course the project life cards. It is an American site by a lady called Becky Higgins but you can get it from other places around the world, i bought mine from hobby craft which is a craft store in the UK which was a bit more expensive but it would have cost me nearly £100 to get it shipped from america to the UK anyway so i didn't mind spending a bit more on the products. When you're starting off it is fairly expensive because you have to buy the cards, the plastic wallets and the album however what you get will last you a long time and you wont need to buy anymore for a while. The products i bought were the cream leather album size 12x12, 4 packs of design A 12x12 page protectors, the dreamy core kit, the 5th and frolic core kit and the odds and ends value kit. There were many core kits including baby girl/boy sets and wedding kits which i think would make such a great wedding album and memory books for babies and children. Ive decided to make my album pastel themed so i bought lots of light coloured cards but its your preference on how you want your album to look so i recommend looking at all the packs and cards you get in them first, then decide what you like before ordering.

The picture below shows the amount of cards i got from the 3 packs, the album, protective sleeves and also an idea on how to organise them in the album itself. I heard all about project life from a lovely lady Mel i babysit for who loves project life too and has a blog where she shares organising tips and tricks which are amazing so ill leave her details down so please go and check her out, you won't regret it! If you want me to show you how i do my project life, my layout and details then please let me know and i will do another blogpost on it in a few weeks.

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