Saturday, 17 August 2013

Benefit she's so jetset

Benefit She's so jetset!

I recently brought the benefit she's so jetset makeup kit from the plane on the way to Dubai. I had heard a bit about this kit and with going to Dubai where it has been really hot and i didn't plan to wear much makeup so having all the makeup in one place was very handy.

The set included; The benefit Pore fessional, 4 eyeshadows and brush, 1 face powder, benefit's life on the A list lip gloss and benefit they're real mascara. It also came with a small leaflet on tips and how to use each product.

The 4 eyeshadows you got were(from top to bottom):
champagne please- champagne please is a light champagne colour with shimmer which is great for over the eyelid and brow bone.
gold card- a shimmery golden colour which is great for over the eyelid and brow bone.
Pretty in mink: a shimmery brown for the crease and outer corners of your eye
elegant espresso: very dark shimmery brown for the upper lash line for smokiness.
Each eyeshadow were very pigmented and stayed on my eyes for a very long time even with the heat.

A blush with half light pink and half dark pink. both have a slight shimmer in and highlight the cheekbones. it also comes with an extremely soft brush for a smooth pop of colour on the cheeks.

It also comes with:
 the life on the a list lipgloss which is a shimmery baby pink colour which adds a slight shine to your lips, it can be a bit sticky so not recommended on a windy day.
The benefit pore fessional primer 
and the Benefit they're real mascara which is great and makes your eyelashes look double the length without any clumping, the brush has small bristles on the tip of the brush which allow you to get every lash coated in the mascara.

In the pack there was a small leaflet with tips and tricks on how to use each product, it shows you how to do a simple smokey eye and a subtle shimmery pink eye. Overall this product was a very good set to use whilst travelling and i will definitely take this on holiday again and again. It was roughly around £23 pound and as i said i got it on the plane as they didn't sell it in duty free so prices else where many be different.

Thank you for reading, hope this was useful to you all
Lots of love, lydia

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